Technitrol Inc.

At Technitrol, Inc, we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality used and refurbished electrical equipment. Among the many components we supply are:

  • Molded Case Circuit Breakers
  • Switchgear
  • New and Used Transformers
  • Buss Duct and Buss Plugs
  • Insulated Case
  • Panelboard Switches
  • Starters
  • Disconnect Switches
  • Low Voltage Air Circuit Breakers
If we don't have in our extensive inventory what you are looking for, we can locate it for you through our national satellite database.
We can also repair most equipment in our in-house repair facilities.
All equipment carries a one year warranty
Why buy reconditioned?

It is easy for a circuit breaker dealer to guarantee a product for 1 year - their risk is that they might have to replace some circuit breakers when they fail. In truth, they KNOW some of their breakers are going to fail, but here is the big secret - it's cheaper for the dealer to ship untested circuit breakers. They would rather wait for a breaker to fail and send a replacement - no cost to them other than to replace it, right?

So what is wrong with that?

What about the building that burns to the ground after a faulty main circuit breaker caused a structural fire? What about the equipment that gets damaged by the circuit breaker that failed to trip? Guess who gets the burden and cost - YOU!

Then why even bother with reconditioned equipment?
  1. You can save money for you and your customer.
  2. Our lead times are much quicker than purchasing new.
But what you might not know is that if it is done right, reconditioned equipment undergoes more testing and quality checks than it does new off the factory floor.

We do not batch test, WE TEST EVERYTHING that leaves our shop. We keep full documentation on file of all test results, and they are always available upon request.

All our test equipment is calibrated yearly by a qualified third party with traceable equipment.

Fact: Faulty (untested) equipment CAN cause fire and equipment damage.
Fact: The difference between USED and RECONDITIONED is NOT just appearance.
Fact: Many dealers say USED and RECONDITIONED and mean un-tested with fresh paint.
Fact: Technitrol, Inc. uses calibrated test equipment for all testing.

Technitrol, Inc. employs highly skilled, very technical and knowledgeable technicians that take personal pride in doing it right. We are not here just to repaint equipment and ship it out. We get it right!
Founded in 1976, Technitrol now focuses on supplying the highest quality used and refurbished electrical power distribution equipment and parts.

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