Technitrol Inc.

Warehouse 3-19-10 10-29-12 Cleared out the East Bay
Brian Radmer Jack Serbin John Freiburger Jim Feilbach
Dan Schulz Keith Gerlach 11-06-12 Brian Radmer
New Compressors are in and running!
New 10HP compressors
Building addition
MSI sign Silt fence is going in Building pad Footings staked out
07-20-12 East Wall Footings Dock Footings
08-02-12 Crane footing Crane for wall panels North wall is up Rain delay
08-20-12 Wall panels set in place. 08-27-12 Cane columns set 08-27-12 Setting crane steel 08-28-12 Building steel going in
09-04-12 Sandblasting exterior wall 09-04-12 Interior steel work. 09-06-12 Inside of Warehouse 09-06-12 Installing half wall on roof
09-07-12 Half wall on roof. 09-07-12 Removing wall braces 09-11-12 Roof Floors getting prepped
New docks 09-19-12 Column footings 09-19-12 Dock levelers. 09-21-12 Pouring the floor
10-04-12 Cutting into old bldg 09-28-12 Heaters being installed 10-06-12 New dock pits 10-09-12 East side of floor sealed
10-09-12 Last piece of concrete 10-12-12 Ceiling getting painted 10-16-12 Walls getting sprayed 10-18-12 Windows going in
10-18-12 Old and new building for Rich 10-22-12 Crane rails 10-22-12 Doors 10-25-12 Priming the crane rails
10-23-12 Cleaning the floor 10-25-12 East wall pallet racking 10-25-12 Pallet racks 10-29-12 New warehouse
10-29-12 View from existing warehouse 10-30-12 Half wall insulation 10-30-12 Grading new parking lot. 11-01-12 Lot grading
11-1-12 Adding extra joists 11-05-12 New perlins in old building 11-05-12 Drywall is hung. 11-06-12 Asphalting
11-06-12 Asphalting 11-06-12 Asphalt machine 11-09-12 Removing existing drain 11-9-12 Removing old dock
11-15-12 Old dock ready for new cement 11-16-12 New floor by old dock 11-19-12 New floor at old docks 11-15-12 Crane rail feed installed
11-16-12 Crane end trucks 11-16-12 Logo on new crane 11-16-12 New crane going in. 11-16-12 Crane installation
11-19-12 New 15 ton crane. 11-19-12 Grading new entrance 11-26-12 New entrance started 12-03-12 Framing for new customer pick u
12-03-12 Removing wall panel 12-04-12 New entrance less the windows. 01-02-13 New front entrance 01-16-13 Building Finished
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